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Published on 16/05/2022
GDSO will open the Tire Technology Expo Conference on May 18th. Meet the Secretary General and our Experts at Booth 3038 for live demos.

Presentation on May 18th morning opening session

The Secretary General will open the Tire Technology Conference session on May 18th at 09.00.

Riccardo will guide the attendees through the current challenges in retrieving tyres' data in the actual businesses and for the different stakeholders along the tyre value chain.

Also, he will explain GDSO Reasons to believe, Purpose and Mission, landing to the proposed solution aimed at enhancing tyres' data digitalization, therefore enabling new services and solutions for simplified, safer and more sustainable mobility journey, bringing the automotive world a step forward.


Booth 3038

Do not miss the opportunity to meet in person GDSO Secretary General and the leading Tyre Manufacturers Experts at booth 3038 for a live demo of the Tyre Information Service, walking through the explanation of how it works and how it may represent an asset also for you.

Therefore, whether you are a tire manufacturer, a vehicle manufacturer or a stakeholder involved in the tire value chain, do not miss the opportunity to discover more, come and visit us!